Religious Practices

The questionnaire asked the participants if they considered themselves religious.  If they answered “yes,” they indicated the religion they practiced and the frequency of attending a religious service.


Yes:  45.2%
No: 51.0%
Prefer not to answer:  8 3.8%

Religion Practiced:

Christianity: Roman Catholic 66.0%
Christianity: Protestant 23.4%
Christianity: Orthodox  4.3%
Christianity: Other  2.1%
Buddhism:  2.1%
No Faith Path: 2.1%

Service Frequency

> One time/week: 11.6%
One time/week or more: 28.4%
2—3 times/month: 8.4%
Once/month: 9.5%
Several times/year:  9.5%
Few times/year: 26.3%
Once/year: 4.2%
Never: 2.1%


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