The study analyzed 18 possible motives for traveling the Via Francigena, with the motives grouped into either a “secular” or “sacred” category.

Category Motivation Mean (scale of 0–10)
Secular The scenery along the route 7.9
Adventure 6.6
Physical and mental challenge 6.6
Accessibility of Via Francigena travel information 6.3
History and cultural education 6.2
To escape one’s usual surroundings 5.6
To meet people with a common identity 3.3
Conveniences along the route 2.4
Mean of secular motives 5.6
Sacred To add meaning to life 5.8
Self-discipline 5.6
  To become closer to God(s) or divine forces 3.7
  To bond with family and friends 3.3
  To participate in religious or cultural events along the route 2.7
  To fulfill a promise or vow 1.7
  To commemorate a dead person 1.5
  To gain salvation or show penitence for sins 1.3
  Religious obligation .9
  A desire for physical healing or miracle .8
Mean of sacred motives 2.7




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