About the Via Francigena Study

I am a graduate student at Duke University in Durham, NC.  For my master’s thesis, I conducted a research study investigating why people are returning to the ancient Via Francigena pilgrimage route.  Initially, this website contained information about participating in the study.  Now, the research is complete, and the site’s focus is on the results of the research and reflections on my Via Francigena pilgrimages from Siena to Rome.

A sincere thank you to the 208 Via Francigena pilgrims who completed the Via Francigena Study questionnaire.

To all of you who participated, I appreciate the time you put into answering the multitude of questions, and I hope you find the results interesting.  Feel free to pass along the link, www.viafrancigenastudy.com, to others who have an interest in the alluring Via Francigena.

Buon Cammino,

Kathryn Daily


Take care of all of your memories. For you cannot relive them

–Bob Dylan


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